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Sasi Jayawardena

Sasi Jayawardena photo for Arts website_edited_edited.jpg

Already a participant in the Options Mississauga culinary program, Sasi became an artist-in-training with Options in late September, 2021. Sasi is excited to be a member of the Visual Arts Enterprise and have her artwork showcased on this arts-website.

As a newcomer, Sasi has approached the many new routines and expectations with quiet interest. She says that in the future she would like to help others who want to become artists. She would gently ask, “Do you need some help?” and would be happy to offer assistance.

Sasi prefers to sketch and paint flowers. By far, her favourite colour is pink.  She loves pink so much that it is the one and only colour on her list of favourites. When you look at Sasi’s artwork, please enjoy the pink in her flowers!

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