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Options Mississauga Print and Office Services provides innovative training and employment strategies to help adults who have an intellectual disability achieve their employment goals.

Within Options Mississauga, the Visual Arts Enterprise is a vibrant, ever-evolving service that provides valuable opportunities. The Visual Arts Enterprise encompasses the art program, social enterprise through art, and the provision of art-related community experiences and events for its students.

 Fee-paying art students attend the Options in the Arts program. The instructor is an experienced professional artist who provides individual assistance to students in small group classes. The Program Manager and Coordinator of Developmental Services are responsible for the overall operation and implementation of the art program and the social enterprise.

Options Mississauga acts as an agent to market and sell works of art created by its students. It automatically accepts Options in the Arts students as clients and welcomes ID artists in the Region of Peel and environs who wish to sell their art through Options.

With Options Mississauga Print and Office Services as the agent to market and sell artwork on behalf of its clients, artists receive 65% of the selling price and Options Mississauga earns a 35% commission.​

Options Mississauga produces products such as cards and calendars from the artwork of students. Options Mississauga provides the materials, labour, expertise and machinery. It manages advertising and sales. Contributing groups of students share 30% of the money received from art-based product sales.

Please find further information about Options Mississauga programs and social enterprises at:

Send program inquiries to the Program Manager at

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Options Mississauga is extremely thankful to receive heart-warming support from a number of organizations and members of the local community. Together we are making a positive difference in the lives of adults with an intellectual disability. Options Mississauga program participants, social enterprise clients and temporary part-time employees receive valuable assistance as they build capabilities for employment in the local  community.

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Options Mississauga Print and Office Services is a registered charity.

Registration #138420567

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