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Options in the Arts Program

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Artists in Training

The Gallery

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Art Products Available

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2023 calendar cover.jpg
934C22-06 Lake Falls by Scott Merrick.jpg
931C22-01 My Favourite Summer Garden by Debbie Riley.jpg
931C22-02 Poppies For Remembrance by Debbie Riley.jpg
912C22-01 Cloudy Mountain by Neel Singla.jpg
916C22-29 Santa's Wild Vacation by  Emily Meechem.jpg
935C22-04 Cuddly Christmas Surprise by William Eden.jpg
932C22-03 Snowy Night in Port Credit by Kevin Hinds.jpg
914C22-05 Snowy Night by  Justin Croos.jpg
911C22-08 A Wonderful Time of Year by Christine Johnson.jpg
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