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Kevin Hinds

Kevin Hinds photo for Arts website_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Kevin Hinds joined the Options in the Arts program in the fall of 2021 bringing with him talent as an artist-in-training and a love of art.

Among Kevin’s favourite paintings is the Mona Lisa. He would love to see the original one day to study all of the details up close. Details are important to Kevin and he feels that one of the best comments anyone could make about his art would be, “It is so detailed that it looks real.” He particularly enjoys sketching and painting faces, especially shapes, hairstyles and eyes.

He likes using the cool colours of green and gray best but also includes brown as one of his preferred colours. He specifies that his favourite brown looks almost like the army shade of brown.

Kevin loves learning new things every day because learning makes him a better person. When asked to share his thoughts about what he could pass on to new student artists, he said that learning to take time and not rush is important. Kevin achieves a better understanding of his work by concentrating patiently. Through that, he learns how to improve his techniques and make changes to his artwork. Kevin believes that people benefit from listening to advice but cautions that a person needs to make sure the advice makes sense before following it.

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